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You should be very proud

Looks great

Is there a tutorial or something on how to make a similar image? I'd like to try my hand.

arvalis responds:

Just paint in the loose values, and refine everything by using hatching.


For me this piece reminds me of humans who have evolved into fighting machines.

As though we've replaced our organic bodies with metal and silicon. In the process humanities identity, soul and emotion were lost.

But this particular individual has remembered what it once was like. He longs for the feeling of emotion that the race once had.


After looking at the piece I was given a certain feeling. It was a strange feeling to read your description and have it match this feeling almost exactly.

The large character seems extremely powerful and almost invincible, it's as though he doesn't even seem to notice the violence that surrounds him- as though he is blind to it.

But he has the aura of a child about him... His small curious eyes give the feeling that he is looking for more among the wake of destruction that has made up his very simple life of chaos.

A masterpiece for sure.

I absolutely love it.

This is pure creative genius at it's finest. Frankly I love the fact that it is not 'accurate' as some other point out.

Accuracy would have been easy. It would have placed it in the boring category if it was technically accurate (ti's not hard to look at a picture of an engine and re-create it).

The fact that it is 'mechanical randomness' makes this more interesting to look at. Frankly I would not change one thing about it. (it frustrates me a little bit that other people view it otherwise but what can you do?).

I would LOVE to have a picture of this on my wall. I absolutely love it, it's an inspiring piece to me.

Great job and keep up the great work.

AssKiller responds:

Wow ! Thanks a lot for the amazing compliments. Cheers !

These are fantastic.

What unique style. What creativity! You should be very proud man. Keep at it these are fantastic!

TPSDude responds:

Thank you for the post

Pretty awesome.

How did you make it? It's mad whack!

conundrummer responds:

It's just pen on the back of a notebook and some whiteout. Thanks!

Magnificant piece

How did you make this??? It's amazing.

HimoruStar responds:

I made this with photoshop only. I didn't use any rough draft on paper or anything.

It's great

It's really awesome. But if I were to make a suggestion... I don't feel the depth of this particular picture. I think they are on a cliff above a city but I don't feel the distance of the city, it just looks like the city is really small. Maybe it's the lack of shading??

Either way it's epic, gj.

MrCrapinson responds:

Yeah, I definitely had problems getting the right feel when drawing the city, specially if it's right next to a few giant trees. I'll need more practice on that, I guess! and thanks

What an amazing picture.

What amazing creativity.

Kamikaye responds:

thx :)

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